Bridgewater Farmers' Market
2021 Market Season: May 29 - October 30 - Saturdays, 9 AM – 12 PM
2021 Holiday Markets: Nov 21 & 28, Dec 5, 12 & 19 - Sundays, 10 AM - 3 PM
123 Empire Street (corner of Empire & Churchill St.) Bridgewater, NS

Vendor Feature: R&R Corkum Farms Meats

R&R Corkum Farms Meats has been a vendor since the market first began back in the summer of 2009. Come meet one of the original vendors!

Three cows grazing on some grass. Title overtop reads "Vendor feature: R&R Corkum Farms"


Ralph Jr. and Reuben Corkum are just some of the faces behind R&R Corkum Farms in New Cumberland, NS. 

Ralph has been around since the market first started in the summer of 2009 - R&R Corkum Farms was one of the first vendors. Now, he and his daughters Keshia (13) and Asia (11) run the R&R Corkum booth at the market every Saturday. 

Ralph also has two younger daughters who aren’t old enough to help out at the market yet, but in a few years, he expects they’ll be following in their older sisters’ footsteps.

“[Asia and Keshia] pretty well run the show now, they’ve been coming with me to the market for a couple of years now,” Ralph said.


From left to right: Keshia, Asia, and Ralph or R&R Corkum Farms

From left to right: Keshia, Asia, and Ralph Corkum at their table at the farmers' market.


The farm has been in the family for seven generations, with Ralph’s daughters now being the eighth generation. 

“Beef is the main thing,” Ralph said. The farm has over 100 heads of cattle and produces steak, ground beef, stew beef, and other beef products, as well as pork products like bacon (belly and back), pork tenderloin, and sausages in a variety of unique flavours. They also sell ground duck, whole chickens, lamb, and bones. 

All of the animals at R&R Corkum Farms are raised without the use of growth hormones and antibiotics and are all free-range and grass-fed. Their produce is grown without the use of pesticides, chemicals, or fertilizers. “We just use composted manure to grow everything,” Ralph said. 


people looking at a field of cows.

A photo from R&R Corkum Farms' open farm day in 2012, showing their free-range cows.


Aside from the meat, R&R Corkum Farms also sells tomatoes, garlic, free-range chicken and duck eggs, pickled vegetables, honey, and a variety of jellies and jams that are made by Ralph’s wife Christina and Reuben’s wife Nina. 

To see all of R&R Corkum Farms’ products, check out their page on our online store, and come by their tables at the in-person market on Saturdays. To always know which vendors will be attending, subscribe to our newsletter by clicking here!