Bridgewater Farmers' Market
2021 Market Season: May 29 - October 30 - Saturdays, 9 AM – 12 PM
2021 Holiday Markets: Nov 21 & 28, Dec 5, 12 & 19 - Sundays, 10 AM - 3 PM
123 Empire Street (corner of Empire & Churchill St.) Bridgewater, NS

Vendor Feature: T&D's Pickelicious

Tim and Donna Zwicker have been attending the Bridgewater Farmers’ Market for around 6 years to sell their homemade preserves.

Several mason jars filled with jams and preserves. The title on top reads "Vendor Feature: T&D's Pickelicious"


The couple started working with preserves around 20 years ago for themselves, first making family recipes for pickling, then moving into jams and jellies.

“It seemed like we were making too much for ourselves, so we figured we’d try to sell it,” said Tim. 


More jars of preserves, including beans.


Now, they make a variety of pickles, relish, salsa, jams, marmalade, and other preserves that they bring to the market. 

“We just enjoy doing it,” said Tim.

Tim says his favourite thing to make is relish, and the most challenging things to make are mustard pickles. “I hate making them,” Tim laughed, “But they’re good, so it’s worth it.”


More jars of preserves, including jams and jellies, with Tim and Donna's business card on top.


As the warm breezes of fall start to turn into crisp, cold winds, Tim and Donna start bringing mittens, socks, and other knitted products to their booth.

To see all the canned goodies Tim and Donna have to offer, make sure to stop by their booth at the market on Saturdays. To always know which vendors are going to be at the market, subscribe to our weekly newsletter: