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Vendor Feature: Stable to Table Farms

Emily and Curtis have been raising goats for a little over a year. They started off with two baby goats on their hobby farm and now have a total of nine goats.


Rows of handmade goats milk soap. The title overtop reads "Vendor Feature: Stable to Table Farms"


“We always wanted to start a hobby farm, and dairy goats seemed to be the best starting point,” Emily said. 

After raising the goats for a few months, Emily and Curtis began to realize they had a surplus of goat milk and not enough things to do with it.

“It was hard to keep up with just drinking it and making cheese, so we started making some soap,” Emily said. The couple has now been making goats milk soap for around four months.


A few lambs and sheep behind a thin wire fence, with a dog on the other side peeking through.

Goats and sheep at Stable to Table Farms interacting with the couple's dog. Courtesy of Stable to Table Farms on Facebook.


They have several different soaps, including scents like Coconut Lime, Warm Apple Cider, Outdoors Man, Something Floral, and a wonderful Exfoliating Coffee Swirl. They also make other bath products such as bath bombs, body scrubs, lotions, and lip balm. 

Soaps and personal care products aren’t the only things Stable to Table does. Emily said the pair have plans to start producing wool, and also butcher chickens and lambs, and they one day hope to sell meat at the market.



Several soaps sit on the table, tubes of lip balm in small clear glass jars, and bath bombs in large clear glass jars.


Emily’s favourite thing to make is the goats milk soap, specifically because it allows them to try new things and experiment with new scents and “specialty” soaps, such as their pink, blue, and purple swirled Mermaid Giggles soap.

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