Bridgewater Farmers' Market
2023 Market Season: May 13 - October 28 - Saturdays, 9 AM – 12 PM
2023 Holiday Markets: Nov 26, Dec 3, 10 & 17 - Sundays, 10 AM - 2 PM
Bonus Evening Holiday Market: Friday, Dec 15 5 PM - 8 PM
123 Empire Street (corner of Empire & Churchill St.) Bridgewater, NS


Amina's Syria Kitchen
Amina & Rayad Alouch | Chester
The Alouch family makes middle eastern foods like falafel, hummus, pastries, fatayer, soup, and more.
Find them at our outdoor market every week.
Bear River Farms
Saskia & Thilo Kolass | Bear River, NS

The grain used to make their sourdough rye bread is grown on their certified Biodynamic Farm. The rye is freshly milled each week; the dough is kneaded by hand and baked using a family recipe that is over 120 years old. This delicious bread contains NO wheat, NO yeast, NO dairy, NO sugar and NO eggs. It is very easy to digest and it is vegan! You can toast it and freeze it and it goes well with everything. You can find their bread for sale at our market at the Airstream Cafe.

Find their products bi-weekly at our outdoor market.

Boulangerie La Vendéenne
David Unterweger | Blockhouse, NS

'Our mission is to offer our customers authentic French breads and viennoiseries using traditional artisanal baking methods. Our commitment to delivering fresh certified organic breads is matched with our desire to support the environment from beginning to end, offering healthy food, using high quality ingredients, following organic standards and procedures, and supporting local farmers.'

Find their products weekly at our outdoor market at The Airstream Café. 

Boyter Family Farm
Carly Boyter | Italy Cross, NS

The Boyter Family make live edge wood, charcuterie boards and barn board decor. They also produce honey, haskap berries, and garlic.

They will be at the market every other week.

Brenda's Baked Goods
Brenda Verreault | Barrs Corner, NS

Delicious homemade baked goods made with quality ingredients. You can choose from various delicacies such as:

  • Pies, scones, cookies, squares, muffins and more
  • decorated cakes, biscuits, cinnamon buns, and cupcakes
  • gluten-free products available upon request.

Find her products weekly at our outdoor market.

Century Homestead Farm & Floral
Connie Jefferson & Paul Mailman | Hebbville, NS

Connie produces no-spray, naturally grown garlic, tomatoes, peppers, ground cherries, greens (season extension!), leeks, onions, herbs, asparagus, small fruit, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and more. If you were at the market last season you will have noticed her beautiful fresh and dried flowers as well.

Find their products weekly at our outdoor market.

Corkums Island Pottery
David Morison | Corkums Island, NS

David produces hand-made, mostly wheel-thrown, functional pottery for your home. From staple mugs to one-of-a-kind vases in warm, natural colours.

You can find David and his products at our market every week.

Corkums Island Weaving
Anne Morison | Corkums Island, NS

Anne makes hand woven items, including tea towels, scarves, lap blankets.

You'll find Anne at our market every week.

Crooked Brook Bakery
Kassidy Matthews | New Germany

Crooked Brook Bakery makes home baked goods - breads, scones, cookies, pies and more. In the summer months leading into fall their goods are made with their home grown vegetables and herbs.

Kassidy plans to attend our market every other week.

Dan Churchill, Wood Carver
Dan Churchill | Lahave, NS

Dan makes hand-crafted wooden spoons and bowls and furniture made with locally-sourced wood and antiques. When he isn’t carving, you might find him out climbing trees as an arborist.

 Dan plans to be a weekly vendor at our market.

Fancy's Fungi
Griffin Fancy | Bridgewater, NS

Fancy's Fungi offer 4 different unique types of gourmet mushrooms, including Black Pearl Oyster, Blue Oyster, Lion's Mane and Pearl Oyster mushrooms.

The mushrooms are grown chemical and pesticide-free.

Griffin will be at the market every other week.

Gooder Baked
Shannon & Brett | Tanner Settlement, NS

Gooder Baked offers allergen friendly baked goods and treats - gluten free, vegan, paleo, and more.

Shannon & Brett will be at the market every week.

Goose Chase Monastery
Monk Jean-Baptiste | Goose Chase Road, New Germany

The monks of Goose Chase Monastery grow and sell a full range of vegetables, from early spring to late fall, including regular NS favourites, and also vegetables more common in Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East.

The Monastery's growing practices match the same spirit as their monastic life as they strive to grow vegetables in an ecological manner, with simplicity and quietude. Their produce is grown chemically free, using practices accepted by organic farming.

They also make and sell hand salve, beeswax candles and copper crafts.

At the market every week.

Indian Garden Farms
Matthew Hebb & Family | Hebbville, NS

Established in 1856, Indian Garden Farms is well known for their seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Throughout the season they bring a variety of hanging planters, jams, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, beans, peas, carrots, beets, potatoes, cranberries, apples, pears and their famous corn.

Available weekly at our outdoor market.

Jude Mire - Strange Fiction Author
Jude Mire | Bridgewater, NS

Jude will be selling books and story cards he has written.

He will be at the market every other week.

LaHave Regenerative Farm
Montana Pineyro | Lower Branch, NS

LaHave Regenerative Farm sells duck, chicken, and guinea fowl eggs, pork, whole frozen chicken, and - once the season allows - they will have blackberries, raspberries, jalapeños, and a variety of vegetables grown from organic, non-GMO or heirloom seeds. The vegetables are grown in no-dig beds made entirely of compost, without the use of chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

Our animals are all wild-foraged on pasture, rotated regularly, and are fed an all organic feed from PEI. As a regenarative farm we aim to be beyond organic and sustainable by using animals to grow topsoil, which also, in turn, improves forage, flood protection, and drought reisistance.

The pork and chicken are all free-range and are fed an all organic feed.

Montana will be at the market every week.

Latherlane Soaps
Paula Huskilson | Italy Cross, NS

Latherlane Soap offers all Vegan Soaps that are great for your skin, smell amazing and are pretty to look at.  These cold processed bars are all handmade in small batches.  With over 40 different scents there is a scent for everyone.  In addition to Soap, Latherlane also makes Shampoo Bars, Bath Bombs, all Natural Lip Bombs and Shower Steamers. 

Latherlane Soaps will be at our market roughly every other week, with a few exceptions.

R&R Corkum Farms
Ralph Jr. and Reuben Corkum | New Cumberland, NS

Raising top quality grass-fed beef, the farm has been in operation for 5 generations. Their cattle are raised free of chemicals and growth hormones. In addition to their beef products they sell free range eggs, seasonal vegetables, berries, pickles and baked goods. They welcome visitors to their farm. Just call ahead and go for a visit.

Find their products weekly at our outdoor market.

Rumtopf Farm
Tomas Wolter | Conquerall Mills, NS

The Wolter Family has been market gardening since 1985, growing a variety of fruits and vegetables using sustainable methods. Some of what they grow: salad greens, garlic, filet beans, beets, carrots, potatoes, celeriac, squash, and a variety of herbs. They also grow willow and make and sell willow baskets. Everyone in the family of 7 is involved in growing what they bring to the market and put on the table.

Find their products weekly at our outdoor market.

SeaTheLight Candle Company
Ali Longley | Lockeport, NS

SeaTheLight Candle Company makes and sells Handmade candles, linen/room sprays, original photos/art/greeting cards.

Stable to Table Farm
Emily Fancey | Newcombville, NS

Stable to Table Farms makes goat milk body care porducts and candles.

Available at the outdoor market every week.

T & D's Pickleicious
Tim & Donna Zwicker | Bridgewater, NS

During the summer and fall, Tim and Donna make and sell homemade pickles and jams. When it gets cooler, they add home made mitts, socks, etc. to their offerings.

Available weekly at our outdoor market.

The Airstream Café
Rita Landgraf & Ross Bunnell | Bridgewater, NS

Serving grilled egg sandwiches, authentic Mexican foods, and espresso drinks. They use organic fair-trade coffee, tea and sugar from JustUs! Coffee Roasters. Their baked goods are made with real butter, free-range eggs and organic flours. They tend to mix it up, not all menu items will be available on any given day.

Find them weekly at our outdoor market.

Wile's Woolies
Jackie Wile | Waterloo, NS

Natural and dyed wool roving & batts for felting & spinning. Natural & dyed locks and curls. Needle felted artwork (i.e. pictures, sculptures). Mill spun and hand spun yarn - natural & hand dyed. Crafts made from wool. All products are made from wool from their own sheep. 100% Nova Scotian grown and processed.

Jackie will be attending on a bi-weekly schedule.

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